Design Interpreter

Photograph: Nick Werber, Fountain Media

I work with clients to create, implement and communicate design content.  This can take the form of an exhibition, a book, or an entire cultural event. I collaborate on projects that mean something to me; with designers or curators I know and trust, initiatives that shed light on an intriguing history, or interventions that make a positive social impact.

I trained as an editor before working for several years on the Brompton Design District programme. More recently I studied for an MA in History of Design to understand our world of material culture, it's context in history and its relevance in an industry in which I've spent the last 12 years working. My research looked at the design of sleep over the last century and early twentieth century children's educational materials.

My clients include: design studios, digital creatives, non-profit organisations, government institutions, publishers and place-makers. I continue to manage the Brompton Design District programme and work on research-led editorial projects.